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bullet Marperations: The New
Science of Business

Learn the five universal truths behind the concept of Marperations™
bullet Marperations: The True Measure of Business Success
How to create successful measurements for your Marketing and Operations teams.
bullet "Marperations - what a great concept! Marketing and Operations need to be aligned. How ingenious to create a term to make it happen."
Bill Whittier
bullet "Blend of marketing and operations into one view! Point of view of customers exactly the approach leading to greatness."
Mark Daly

The first book written in business language


Marketing is measured on effectiveness. Marketing wants to measure every experience, one at a time, to make sure that customer's expectations are met every time. Marketing measures of success are trailing indicators of the brand. The measurement period looks back to the last quarter or month. These insights, though needed, do not reflect the urgency of a brand's operations. Operations are an ongoing process which never sleeps.


Operations are measured on efficiency. Operations also measures success by rewarding consistency and ability to conform to protocols. Operations are a production mindset where every occasion has to be the same, every time. Operations measures are more recent when compared to Marketing's measures, however, they still reflect yesterday's measures, which are not leading indicators. It is possible for Marketing and Operations to each meet their individual goals, but for the company as a whole to miss its overall goals because the measurement systems do not align.


Restaurant Marketing Group uses the following three rules to develop a unified measure of Marperations™:

1. The measure must be a leading indicator and not a trailing indicator. A leading indicator allows a brand to tweak its marketing and operations strategies to influence that very indicator.

2. The measure should be simple and communicated all through the organization. It needs a life outside the company's boardroom.

3. Both Marketing and Operations departments should be encouraged to have their own functional report cards. However, they must clearly understand how their report cards connect to a brand's overall success.

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